High energy charges hit Europe

Natural gas and electricity prices have seen the biggest increase with European benchmark prices hitting an all-time record last weeks, around ten times their level a year ago. These increases have been caused by a combination of factors but since then heavily impacted and have been implementing an energy surcharge or energy-cost driven price increase with immediate effect.

Considering that magnitude of recent energy price increases, it is no longer possible for Linbraze to continue to absorb these costs alone.

Under these circumstances, we are left with no option but to recoup at least a part of these costs via a surcharge of 0,45€/Kg to be applied with immediate effect to all price agreements but obviously his will be withdrawn as soon as energy prices come back to the normal levels

"During the whole of September, electricity and natural gas prices remained at record levels. Currently electricity prices are in the range of Eur160 to Eur200/MWH compared to a normal rate of Eur55,". "Natural gas prices are more than Eur100/MWH compared to a normal price of around Eur20/MWH.

Sommatino, Sept. 23th, 2022