Brazing Alloys

Linbraze brazing filler metal alloys

LINBRAZE produces over 2000 different products and every day continues to create new solutions by focusing on the distinctive features of our product, offering higher quality, a higher performance, added value services, technological superiority and an excellent relationship between supply and price.

Our product range includes powders, pastes, coated-rods, preformed, rings, wire and fluxes. Many products are tailor-made for the customer or based on the application requirements, therefore are not in this catalog.

For more details about our products please contact us directly or contact LINBRAZE's consultant closest to you.

Cadmium free alloys
Brazing alloys cadmium free
cadmium bearing alloys
brazing alloys cadmium bearing
Copper Brazing alloys
Brazing alloys copper based
Brazing alloys for hard materials
Brazing filler alloys for carbide tungsten
brass brazing alloys
Brass-based filler brazing alloys
copper phosphorus alloys
copper phosphorus based brazing alloys
Nickel brazing alloys
Nickel-based filler brazing alloys
Aluminium brazing alloys
Aluminium-based filler brazing alloys
Soft-solder alloys