Silver Brazing alloys cadmium bearing

Silver alloys cadmium-bearing works at the lowest temperature with short melting ranges, free flowing alloys that are versatile, easy to use having high strength. This family of brazing alloy has excellent flow characteristics and mechanical properties. Being used successfully for the last many decades on nearly all ferrous and non ferrous alloys. Gap brazing with alloyed and unalloyed steel, nickel and nickel alloys, malleable cast iron, copper and copper alloys. Joint-brazing at working temperatures of max. 150C without loss in strength. The above list is a standard range of our regular production, for any special request please do not hesitate to contact us directly or through our consultants. The cadmium bearing range of silver solders are not available for sale within the EU due to European directive from Commission Regulation (EU) No 494/2011.

Heat sources: acetylene torch, induction and resistance heating

Braze family of alloys is available in: wire, powder, paste, preforms, strip, ring and rods bare and flux coated

TO 325

Ag 25% Cu 40% Zn 27,5% Cd 17,5%

ISO3677: B-Cu30ZnAgCd-605/765

TO 330

Ag 30% Cu 28% Zn 21% Cd 21%

ISO3677: B-Ag30CuCdZn-600/690

TO 335

Ag 35% Cu 26% Zn 21% Cd 18%

ISO3677: B-Ag35CuZnCd-610/700

TO 340

Ag 40% Cu 19% Zn 21% Cd 19%

ISO3677: B-Ag40ZnCdCu-595/630

TO 345

Ag 45% Cu 15% Zn 16% Cd 24%

ISO3677: B-Ag45CdZnCu-605/620

TO 350

Ag 50% Cu 15,5% Zn 16,5% Cd 18%

ISO3677: B-Ag50CdZnCu-620/640

TO 351

Ag 50% Cu 15,5% Zn 15,5% Cd 16% Ni 3%

ISO3677: B-Ag50CdZnCuNi-635/655