Service and Support

Technological Innovation Commitment and Top Quality

Linbraze has a team of skilled technicians for the development of new products and technologies, capable of providing a fair level of technical support at zero cost. The continuous investment in technological innovation, the thirty years of experience and a high degree of specialization of the company's technical resources are our strengths to create and maintain competitive standards of quality and of efficiency that make us unique in the market of pastes and of metal powders.

LINBRAZE continues to offer higher quality', a wider choice of products, the highest performance, added value services, technological superiority and an excellent relationship between supply and price. Within our manufacturing and before shipment to the customer, raw materials, semi-finished and finished products are tested through different levels of analysis and quality testing. Observing and complying with the requirements of the customer is the key part of Linbraze trade policy, helping to avoid potential increases in costs and the onset of inconvenience is our daily concern. The LINBRAZE production provides internal quality standards that far exceed international regulations ISO, AWS, EN.