Silver brazing pastes cadmium free

Linbraze, the leading producer of cadmium-free silver alloys for industrial brazing applications. Our silver alloys are low-temperature, free-flowing filler metals that are ideal for joining similar and dissimilar metals. Unlike traditional silver alloys that contain cadmium, our alloys are cadmium-free, making them a safer and more environmentally friendly option.

Our silver alloys produce strong and ductile joints, with high safety because they are cadmium-free. When compared with the Cadmium bearing range, this family of alloys generally has a slightly wider melting range. This affords greater control and produces excellent gap filling qualities.

Silver alloys are ideal for brazing with alloyed and unalloyed steel, nickel and nickel alloys, malleable cast iron, copper, and copper alloys. They can be used to joint-braze at working temperatures of up to 200 C without loss in strength.

We offer a standard range of silver alloys that are part of our regular production. However, we also offer custom formulations to meet the unique requirements of your application. Our experienced team of professionals is always available to provide expert guidance and support to help you choose the best alloy for your needs.

At Linbraze, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality silver alloys available. We have a state-of-the-art production facility and an experienced team of professionals who ensure that our products consistently meet the needs of our customers.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us directly or through our consultants.

Heat sources: acetylene torch, induction and resistance heating

TO 125

Ag 25% Cu 94% Zn 33% Sn 2%

ISO3677: B-Cu40ZnAgSn-680/760

TO 130

Ag 30% Cu 36% Zn 32% Sn 2%

ISO3677: B-Cu36ZnAgSn-665/755

TO 134

Ag 34% Cu 36% Zn 27,5% Sn 2,5%

ISO3677: B-Cu36AgZnSn-630/730

TO 138

Ag 38% Cu 32% Zn 28% Sn 2%

ISO3677: B-Ag38CuZnSn-650/720

TO 140

Ag 40% Cu 30% Zn 20% Sn 2%

ISO3677: B-Ag40CuZnSn-650/710

TO 145

Ag 45% Cu 27% Zn 25,5% Sn 2,5%

ISO3677: B-Ag45CuZnSn-640/680

TO 155

Ag 55% Cu 21% Zn 23% Sn 2%

ISO3677: B-Ag55ZnCuSn-630/660

TO 156

Ag 55% Cu 22% Zn 17% Sn 5%

ISO3677: B-Ag56CuZnSn-620/655

TO 160

Ag 60% Cu 30% Sn 10%

ISO3677: B-Ag60CuSn-600/730

TO 205

Ag 5% Cu 55% Zn 39,8% Si 0,2%

ISO3677: B-Cu55ZnAg(Si)-820/870

TO 212

Ag 12% Cu 48% Zn 39,8% Si 0,2%

ISO3677: B-Cu48ZnAg(Si)-800/830

TO 225

Ag 25% Cu 40% Zn 35%

ISO3677: B-Cu40ZnAg-700/790

TO 230

Ag 30% Cu 38% Zn 32%

ISO3677: B-Cu38ZnAg-680/765

TO 235

Ag 35% Cu 32% Zn 33%

ISO3677: B-Ag35CuZn-685/775

TO 244

Ag 44% Cu 30% Zn 26%

ISO3677: B-Ag44CuZn-675/735

TO 245

Ag 45% Cu 30% Zn 25%

ISO3677: BAg-45CuZn-665/745

TO 250

Ag 50% Cu 34% Zn 16%

ISO3677: B-Ag50CuZn-690/775

TO 260

Ag 60% Cu 26% Zn 14%

ISO3677: B-Ag60CuZn-695/730

TO 263

Ag 63% Cu 24% Zn 13%

ISO3677: BAg-63CuZn-680/730

TO 272

Ag 72% Cu 28%

ISO3677: B-Ag72Cu-780