Our business model is composed of a series of initiatives aimed at increasing the volume of business, to attract and satisfy customers, to compete successfully on the world market, to perform the operational tasks and to improve the financial performance and market of the enterprise.

Focused on enhancing the performance in the individual functional areas (research and development, supply chain, manufacturing, sales and marketing, distribution, finance and human resources) in order to support and implement our competitive characteristics and our business approach aimed at:

- create an attraction for the customers that distinguishes Linbraze by competitors;

- provide a fair level of technical support at zero cost;

- help customers around the world to discover new ways to save on overall costs,

- improving production and quality of the parts that are using our products;

- avail ourselves of a team of skilled technicians for developing new products and technologies, and capable of keep our secret formulas for development and success;

- develop strengths related to the experience and to the resources of the enterprise to create competitive abilities very difficult to imitate or overcome by competitors;

- focus on a small market niche and gain a competitive advantage by meeting the needs and tastes of our customers more effectively than competitors;

- beat the competitors by focusing on the distinctive features of the Linbraze product , offering higher quality, a wider choice of products, a highest performance,added value services, technological superiority and an excellent relationship between supply and price;

- avail ourselves of a sales force indigenous and appreciated in the market in each served country;

- activate processes of social integration and of brand popularity by sponsoring the sport in the followed countries;

- supporting and improving our flexibility and the capacity to to adapt to changes in the industries and markets followed.