Brazing Pastes

Linbraze brazing filler metal pastes

Linbraze pastes are a series of brazing filler metals in carefully formulated contain finely atomized metal powder and vehicle systems designed for use in furnace brazing, acetylene torch, induction and resistance heating, etc. Linbraze produces over 2000 different products and every day continues to create new solutions by focusing on the distinctive features of the Linbraze product , offering higher quality, a highest performance, added value services, technological superiority and an excellent relationship between supply and price. All pastes are designed to be automatically dispensed to control costs and improve the joint quality. Brazing pastes save time and money, improve quality and appearance, mean economy of inventory.

LINBRAZE pastes are tailor made, produced and developed, on the customer requirements, each LINBRAZE paste is composed by the following basic components:Atomized filler metal powderA pure metal or alloy which selected by specific composition, melting range and compatibility with base metals to be joined, when arrive to the working temperature, liquifies to flow into the gap between two close-fitting parts, creating a brazed or soldered joint. LINBRAZE alloys are conform to all accepted industry standards.BinderA blending agent which, when added to metal powder keeps the filler metal in stable suspension, prevents metal oxidation and ensures the extended shelf life. LINBRAZE offers a controlled formulation that ensures consistent application and keeps paste alloy localized in the joint area. The pastes without flux are used for brazing under controlled atmosphere.Flux-binder agentIs a blending agent containing flux which, when added to the atomized powder, keeps the filler metal in stable suspension. This binder is designed to remove and prevent formation of surface oxides from the metal during heating. Type and amount are carefully matched to the individual application, ensuring consistent and dependable joints with minimal flux residue.

Cadmium free pastes
Brazing pastes cadmium free
Copper-based pastes
Copper brazing pastes
Brazing pastes for hard materials
Brazing Pastes alloys for tungsten carbide
Brass-based pastes
Brass brazing pastes
Copper Phosphorus-basesd pastes
Copper Phosphorus brazing pastes
Nickel-based Brazing pastes
nickel brazing filler metal alloys
Aluminium-based brazing pastes
Zinc brazing filler metal alloys
Soft-solder pastes
Soft-soldering brazing pastes
Precious Filler Pastes
Precious Brazing Filler Metal Pastes