Nickel Brazing Alloys

Nickel-based brazing filler metals are suitable for different applications, brazing conditions and braze properties. Nickel products are suitable for brazing of stainless steels, as well as nickel and copper-based alloys. Pastes are formulated from alloy powders and specialty grade organic binders. Binders are chosen to decompose cleanly, well below brazing / working temperatures, leaving no residues. Several different environmentally friendly binder formulations are available. The above list is a standard range of our regular production, for any special request please do not hesitate to contact us directly or through our consultants.

Heat sources: Inert-gas continuous furnace H2/N2, cracked ammonia, exogas and vacuum furnace

Braze family of alloys is available in: pastes and powder

EL 600

ISO17672: Ni 600

ISO3677: B-Ni74CrFeSiB-980/1070

EL 610

ISO17672: Ni 610

ISO3677: B-Ni74CrFeSiB-980/1070

EL 612

ISO17672: Ni Ni 612

ISO3677: B-Ni81CrB-1055

EL 620

ISO17672: Ni 620

ISO3677: B-Ni82CrSiBFe-970/1000

EL 630

ISO17672: Ni 630

ISO3677: B-Ni92SiB-980/1040

EL 631

ISO17672: Ni 631

ISO3677: B-Ni95SiB-980/1070

EL 650

ISO17672: Ni 650

ISO3677: B-Ni71CrSi-1080/1135

EL 655

ISO17672: Ni 655

ISO3677: B-Ni68CrSiP-960/1079

EL 660

ISO17672: Ni 660

ISO3677: B-Ni73CrSiB-1065/1150

EL 661

ISO17672: Ni 661

ISO3677: B-Ni77CrSiBFe-1030/1125

EL 700

ISO17672: Ni 700

ISO3677: B-Ni89P-875

EL 710

ISO17672: Ni 710

ISO3677: B-Ni76CrP-890

EL 720

ISO17672: Ni 720

ISO3677: B-Ni65CrP-880/950